For a couple of years now I’ve wanted to bring my music to life with a limited run of Arthr figures that accompany each release in a variety of colours & textures. The last 2/3 months have been a steep learning curve with the initial prototyping & production of the first figures for ‘Whisperings of the World’. Here’s a bit of an account documenting the successes & struggles.


The process began by having the CG’d character converted into a format that would produce an accurate 3D print. (not as easy as printing a page of A4 apparently..) At this early stage I was already in way over my head with terms like ‘inverted geometry’ & ‘non-manifold edges’ being thrown around & a list of complicated challenges that grew by the minute. With much help from the amazing Mikayel, we finally reached a point where Arthr printed & things could progress.. 

After receiving the 3D print back, the project was inching toward the finishing line, but lack of experience was to strike again & throw things into a state of chaos. In order to duplicate the final figures, a silicone mould had to be made to allow pourable resin in. After trying 4 different mould methods the casting resin just wasn’t reaching certain parts of the mould. After relentless hours of research, some vent holes were added to the hands & feet & everything finally fell into place! 

Now all the kinks are ironed out, the next run should be pretty painless.. although naturally after this experience I’m anticipating the worst! Thinking of a neon blue or neon pink for the next batch, suggestions below would be helpful! Check out further details & what’s available over at:


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