Creating ‘Shrinking Violet’ has been a fascinating project that’s thrown me back into a world I can only just remember.. Watching your one year old self discover things for the first time, hearing relatives after 20 years of absence.. it’s all incredibly familiar, yet oddly unfamiliar.. Here’s a bit of background process used in the video which will accompany the next EP, ‘Vast Amounts of Yesterday’. 

The process began by creating the impressionist style backgrounds that feature throughout the video. The images were initially created in Photoshop & broken down into seperate layers. The individual layers then allowed the backdrops to be animated and brought to life in After Effects.

Background Layers

Background Layer Breakdown

Video Backgrounds

The next challenge was to create a cartoon version of Arthr that would fit in nicely with the arty/colourful backdrops. I sketched out a rough version & used the original fabrics & textures found on his waistcoat, jacket & trousers. Creating each body part separately then allowed me to drop them into the Duik Bassel script within Adobe After Effects & quickly animate walk cycles.. there’s only so many hours in the day, so this script made things tick along nicely!


Revisiting & recording off all the old family video tapes was the most captivating part of this project.. I picked up 30 or so tapes from my parents a few years ago & finally put some time aside to watch them. Loaded the first one into the VHS deck & spent 3/4 hours listening to older relatives speak that haven’t been around for 20 years. Their voices brought back a flood of familiarity I’ve never experienced before.. strange, fascinating & easy to loose yourself!

All that remained was to tell the story of Arthr & the tapes.. The story begins with Arthr stumbling upon a mysterious video tape that throws him back to a cherished past he’d forgotten. A darker side to the discovery is revealed & another tape reveals itself  with the aim of destroying these beautifully preserved memories. Arthr confronts the tape & I’ll leave the rest to you.. 

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the past is beautiful

'Vast Amounts of Yesterday'
available now on Spotify/Apple Music.


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