As a musician/animator, the challenge of producing tiny model figures hasn’t been something I’ve had to deal with over the years. Without any prior knowledge of the process I can tell you that the last two sets have been a serious test of perseverance, endurance and patience, all the ance’s & ence’s.. So thanks to those who have been patient enough to pick one up in the early days! The process I use to create the Arthr figures is now infallible [🤞] so future releases should be pretty seamless! 

So.. the challenge that presented itself from day one was that tiny air pockets were getting trapped in certain areas of the mould no matter what angle it was poured, whether vibration was applied, adding vent holes to problematic areas, tried pretty much everything but the problems remained. As a very impatient/easily frustrated person this wasn’t ideal.. 

I contacted a mould maker to design a better venting system so air was able to pass out of the mould more efficiently & leave a bubble free piece of perfection. [image below] The results were much better, although problems presented themselves but differently this time, so after much discussion on reddit, I redesigned my own mould meaning outsourcing the mould was a waste of time and money. #moremoneymoreproblems

There was one last thing to do.. invest in a pressure pot/compressor which I’d been putting off due to cost. Without boring you to death, a pressure pot applies pressure to the mould and shrinks any bubbles in the resin to microscopic proportions, so the problem areas are theoretically backfilled with resin & everyone is happy. I wish I’d invested in this setup earlier as it solved the problem immediately and would have saved hours of anguish and pain! #retrospect 

A big thanks again to those that take an interest in what I’m doing and supporting through these troubling times! #overdramatising


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