‘Vast Amounts of Yesterday’ is a three track EP from Arthr that’s packed full of nostalgia and draws on our desire to revisit times past.. The leading track ‘Shrinking Violet’ is dance focussed with an infectious arpeggiated bass line, layered over a backdrop of warbling synths that sets the tone for this EP. The B side continues to evoke these themes with the addition of detailed orchestral arrangements, gritty broken beats and modular synth sequences giving, ‘Butterflies in a Gale’ and ‘Leading Somewhere’ a luscious alternative feel to the release.

Arthr takes on a cartoon form in this story and is initially found walking around without a sense of purpose. He stumbles upon a mysterious video tape and is immediately thrown back to a cherished past he’d forgotten. Unbeknown to Arthr, a darker side to this discovery is revealed..

Another tape exposes itself with the sole aim of destroying these beautifully preserved memories whilst taking down Arthr with them. The chase is relentless, but Arthr confronts the tape and finally destroys it! Colour is restored to the treasured memories and Arthr is thrown back into a world of magic and nostalgia.

Vast Amounts of Yesterday

Title : Vast Amounts of Yesterday
Release Date : February 15, 2019
Format : Digital Download