After playing several shows together, it became clear that a collaboration between Arthr & King Colobus had to happen. Shortly after both had played Leopallooza, ideas & instrumentals were thrown back & forth until Arthr received a demo from the band whilst travelling home from Naples. This would end up becoming the final version of ‘Whisperings Of The World’.

Arthr dusted off all the old family video tapes for this one to create a very personal nostalgic trip. The romance & warmth of old VHS tapes throw us all back to a simpler more cherished era that we contemplate from time to time. These themes are juxtaposed with the harsher, digital glitchiness of the present where everything can seem fast paced, cold & transient. ‘Whisperings Of The World’ explores the relationship between themes of the past & present.

Whisperings Of The World

Artist :
Title : Whisperings Of The World
Release Date : July 6, 2018
Format : Digital Download